Friday, November 21, 2008

I got tagged again-

This was a tagging. And a long one at that!
8 things...

I'm passionate about:
-My hubby.
-My teeny son.
-Reading (sometimes...and vampires apparently)
-The anti-bug war in my home (oh yes, WAR-raid is a bff)
-Not eating at cheapy restaurant chains like Ruby Tuesday and the 3 that are the same. Gross.
-'The arts', dance, painting- ya know.

Phrases I use the most:
-I love you
-MMMMuughght (that means don't)
-Nobody listens ta me!! (will go on my headstone probly)
-HEY! (as an attention getter)
-Why do you hate me?
-Are you kidding?
-Friend (refered to in many connotations, ex: hey friend, get off the road friend...)
honorable mention: I'm just sure (stolen from Spilsbury's... we all say it)

Things I want to do before I die:
-Travel everywhere
-See my children to adulthood
-Get my foodstorage done :)
-Wear a ridiculously expensive designer gown to a fabulous event!!
-Publish a song or two
-Open a business (I have a few in mind...Mwahahah)
-Bury my parents (sounds bad- but I don't want them to have to bury me)
-KNOW that I have a pass card to the level of Heaven I want.

Things I need RIGHT NOW:
-A million dollars
-2 more arms
-A few more hours to my day (for sleep)
-That black/brown buffet at Razmataz
-A bath (I hate having to wait to take one...showers aren't the same)
-A horse and the land to put it on
-Revelations (the 3rd book in the Blue Blood series- which I may or may not like better than Twilight)

Places I want to visit:
-Rome (after they build the temple)
-New Zealand
-Oregan (My friend)
-Pennsylvania (My cous)
-Louisianna (My cous)
-San Francisco
-Some fabulous island

Favorite Restaurants:
-Baci (Italian)
-Ah So (Japanese) sorry Em, I still like it better than Beni's!
-Cravings (Mexican)
-Abuelo's (Mexica)
-Carraba's (Italian) MMMM bread.
-Frashier's (Steakhouse) MMMM dessert - it's a MUST on my b-day.
-Bahama Breeze (Jamacan?) sadly, they ripped it away from me!
-Rubio's (Baja) MMMM Fish tacos.
honorable mention: Chic-fil-a (thanks to my aunt Kathleen for introducing us many years ago)

TV Shows I watch:
-How it's made (I'll never eat most lunchmeat again!)
-Paris Hilton's my new bff (sad-lol)
-reruns of Will & Grace
-reruns of most sitcoms
-Jump Start (VH1)


I'm supposed to tag who ever is left to tag... Sab, Joan, Mom...Aika...


Laurice. said...

Love it!

Laurice. said...

One more thing...I made my blog private and need your e-mail so I can invite you. Can you e-mail me at

Just Joan said...

what goes under pictures?!? so when I do mine I know what the heck to do.

Laydee said...

i was supposed to put the 8th pic in your 8th pic file...but it messed up my whole thing when i did!- so it had to go.

Granni P said...

Hey girl, you didn't tag me. Come visit my blog soon! Grama P is patty L. remember me? And by the way, that little boy is absolutely adorable!