Friday, January 13, 2012

So it's been a year...

So much has happened that I'm just treating this blog like an old friend- acting like I was never away!

We are so blessed with the boys company doing well, baby 4 due in 13 weeks, and crazy happy kids who are into everything!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah, Rats!

so the other day i'm minding my own business in my garage and what do i see scurry from corner to corner? either a huge mouse or a tiny rat. i wig out just a tad and M'adam leaves the door open for a few hours...which should remedy the problem right? a few days later my sister accidently left the door from the laundry room to the garage door biggy. except i psyched myself into finding mouse poopies all week! 'is that a...!? no justa crum. is that a...!? no no it's lint...maybe this one..." you get it. now. it's been a week since the open door and 10 days from the 'sighting' and i figure i'm safe. i brave the garage to sort my garage sale pile...starting with clothes...i come across these narly poncho/sweater things i got in new mexico a while back (can't go in the 72 hour kit- why? afraid i'll meet my end if i'm seen in it with a backpack...yikes) anyway- i go to throw them onto a pile, and as i pick them up baby rodent confetti rains down!! i totally squealed and reeled back about twenty steps. DISGUSTING! well they couldn't stay on the floor. so i had to put them in a box...with a scooper. three later i can hear a fourth squeaking...where is it? not exactly a search and rescue later but i locate the vile little thing and place it in the box. THEN i notice all the turds around the garage. what to do? i grew up with mice. i know they must be killed. ok. so nasty little bald immobile babies..why can't i squish them again?? a plan a plan... a lightbulb. i drive them to my friends house. apparently baby mice are chicken CANDY. don't ask me why i felt better playing the circle of life than a quick humane smashing but i did. on my way home i inform M'adam i'm buying a cat. no i'm not. i'm buying a snake. no i'm not. then i'm buying gargage chickens and/or a billion dollars worth of anti-rodent hardware! and now i am thoroughly convinced a mouse is in the house due to the open door thing. M'adam thinks i should name it.SICK!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


where's the theme music? in his head.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"The Year of Do"

2010 was not a fabulous year for me. although many blessings were recieved, trials came from the plenty department. i hit one of my 'funks' and went down drowning. the whole, one wave after the other. after a few chats with myself, cries with friends, divine inspiration and my hunny's patient "it will be ok's", i am ready to kick 2010 to the curb and hit the ground running in 2011. i have a sweet calling-my cup of tea, a few enterprising ideas, and a best bud (m'adam) who is ready and waiting to see me do the butterfly thing. this year is going to be awesome...nothing and no one in my way. i am thankful for my friends and family. i love my kids. i am so blessed to have a support team in whatever i do, and a mate that will let me be me. a lot of growing will be done this year, and its encouraging to know that he is there behind, beside and leading the way when i need him. i love you d. now. 2011...let's tango.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Fancies!

I have recently decided that I was tired of seeing something with the thought: I could so do that. So...I AM doing that! I started a mini "business" (for lack of a better word) and will be making bracelets and hats!

(these are 5 inches long = little wrists)

(6 inches)

(6 1/2 inches)

(7 inches fits most girls up to early teens)

(hats come in fun shades and yarns)

(in sizes for teeny babies, toddlers, and youngsters and adults)

(they can be more sophisticated)

(just girly)

(or with flare!)

each Little Fancies item is hand made by MOI!

The bracelets are made with fun crystal beads, sterling silver pieces, and cute charms!

Hats are knitted and embellished by my own creations!

These examples are what I have sitting at home, but are in no way what Little Fancies is limited to- I hope to get better and better!! Of course, with the nature of personal creations, each is one of a kind, unique, and may not be duplicated the same way twice. I will however make a Little Fancy to YOUR liking if you have a color, style, or example YOU prefer! so made to order- YES!!

you may also contact me at if you are interested in more info!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me and Little Bitty at the hospital...about 12 hours old!

Little Boy and Muu waiting for a baby sister!

Muu now: happiest when she's full of food and a complete mess!

Bitty now: crawling after those siblings...won't be left behind!

Little Boy now: just trouble!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember the time I used to blog?

Me neither! And for all the nothing I feel like I accomplish, I don't know where the time has gone.

Update of the year...really.

M'Adam is with the same company, but has been getting to stay close to home, which we love. He was called to the scouting program almost a year ago and is all about the constant camping! He put in for a hunt this year and will be shooting me a big fat deer this fall (we hope) Good luck!

I have been all over the place! Cleaning my house, going through cycles of nothingness, trying to knit and make braclets for a local bazaar, canning food...that's right...a lot of canning, which is funner than I thought it would be, loving my babies, reading a ton, contemplating for the billionth time writing MY OWN book, getting reorganized and everything else a woman, wife, mom, friend has to do!
I hope to get my official calling soon...
I, surprisingly, am looking forward to the big 25 at the end of this month!

Little Boy is a funny little guy. Almost 2, running, talking, he is very set in what he thinks and likes and is a great helper and big brother. He loves nothing more than to watch Meet the Robinsons, or go outside and share a popsicle with the dogs. He LOVES his Daddy.

Muu turned 1 a short while ago and is working on walking around the house. She loves music and popcorn...well anything food really. She is a Mama's girl all the way.
(Muu is the little girl we were blessed to bring home from the hospital when a family member was unable to take care of her after she was born. We've had her since she was 2 weeks old and are working to adopt her.)

Bitty Be is 7 months old and trying to keep up with those siblings! She is already crawling and will not be left behind...ever! She loves to sing with Mama and is always ready to play.

"Spike", mentioned earlier, was with us for a short time. He is now doing very well with his Nana Kim.

The dogs are great, we still have George...a big bear of a mutt, and Delilah "Lida", joined our family shortly after we had to relocate our lab mix, who turned into a meany. Lida is an Aussie cattle dog, and a perfect friend to George. Little Boy loves them very much.

The crickets seem to be prospering too.

AND we got a new laptop...which I just learned how to get pics on... so they will be along shortly...I couldn't find the camera battery today :/