Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Fancies!

I have recently decided that I was tired of seeing something with the thought: I could so do that. So...I AM doing that! I started a mini "business" (for lack of a better word) and will be making bracelets and hats!

(these are 5 inches long = little wrists)

(6 inches)

(6 1/2 inches)

(7 inches fits most girls up to early teens)

(hats come in fun shades and yarns)

(in sizes for teeny babies, toddlers, and youngsters and adults)

(they can be more sophisticated)

(just girly)

(or with flare!)

each Little Fancies item is hand made by MOI!

The bracelets are made with fun crystal beads, sterling silver pieces, and cute charms!

Hats are knitted and embellished by my own creations!

These examples are what I have sitting at home, but are in no way what Little Fancies is limited to- I hope to get better and better!! Of course, with the nature of personal creations, each is one of a kind, unique, and may not be duplicated the same way twice. I will however make a Little Fancy to YOUR liking if you have a color, style, or example YOU prefer! so made to order- YES!!

you may also contact me at if you are interested in more info!

1 comment:

Aika said...

umm... why are you so talented? :) That is so cute... When I have a little baby girl, then I definitely going to have to get some.