Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember the time I used to blog?

Me neither! And for all the nothing I feel like I accomplish, I don't know where the time has gone.

Update of the year...really.

M'Adam is with the same company, but has been getting to stay close to home, which we love. He was called to the scouting program almost a year ago and is all about the constant camping! He put in for a hunt this year and will be shooting me a big fat deer this fall (we hope) Good luck!

I have been all over the place! Cleaning my house, going through cycles of nothingness, trying to knit and make braclets for a local bazaar, canning food...that's right...a lot of canning, which is funner than I thought it would be, loving my babies, reading a ton, contemplating for the billionth time writing MY OWN book, getting reorganized and everything else a woman, wife, mom, friend has to do!
I hope to get my official calling soon...
I, surprisingly, am looking forward to the big 25 at the end of this month!

Little Boy is a funny little guy. Almost 2, running, talking, he is very set in what he thinks and likes and is a great helper and big brother. He loves nothing more than to watch Meet the Robinsons, or go outside and share a popsicle with the dogs. He LOVES his Daddy.

Muu turned 1 a short while ago and is working on walking around the house. She loves music and popcorn...well anything food really. She is a Mama's girl all the way.
(Muu is the little girl we were blessed to bring home from the hospital when a family member was unable to take care of her after she was born. We've had her since she was 2 weeks old and are working to adopt her.)

Bitty Be is 7 months old and trying to keep up with those siblings! She is already crawling and will not be left behind...ever! She loves to sing with Mama and is always ready to play.

"Spike", mentioned earlier, was with us for a short time. He is now doing very well with his Nana Kim.

The dogs are great, we still have George...a big bear of a mutt, and Delilah "Lida", joined our family shortly after we had to relocate our lab mix, who turned into a meany. Lida is an Aussie cattle dog, and a perfect friend to George. Little Boy loves them very much.

The crickets seem to be prospering too.

AND we got a new laptop...which I just learned how to get pics on... so they will be along shortly...I couldn't find the camera battery today :/


kimberly said...

LOL when was that? LIKE A YEAR AGO!?

Sabra said...

Welcome back!

Wendy said...

Well well well! How about that! Nice to see you bloggin again! Your blogs are fun to read. Hey, maybe you should try your hand at writing a book...Oh yeah, you are! Good luck! :) Everyone will love it!

Meagan said...

life sounds good! I'm glad you are back in the blog world! Missed reading your blog!

Just Joan said...

FINALLY! Now I can stop nagging. I love you and your posts. Better keep it up.

laurice romney. said...

Yay an update! Now please get some pictures on so we can see these cute babies.