Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Usually when the house is quiet, all are sleeping- or trouble is brewing. Sunday morning I went into the bedroom where M'Adam was getting ready for church and sat down to ask a question or two...after a few minutes (maybe 2 or 3) I realized my house was quiet. I ran into the living and found- a wide open front door!! The BOLT had been locked!! I frantically raced outside to find my 1yr old son across the street in a friends yard (no friend present) and my 2yr old son down the street...exploring I guess. I don't think any neighbor missed my yell to 'get back in the house!' Of course, the boys didn't think anything was wrong til that moment and as I scooped up the now scared younger boy he started wailing- which sent the other running. He was lucky he got to the door before me after that. Dang kids. Anyway, I now have a very hideous chain on my front door, thanks to my 2yr old Houdini and his tag-a-long brother!

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Derrick + Laurice. said...

oh the chained door. I always wondered why every house seemed to have one until I had a child of my own and it suddenly made a lot of sense!