Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah, Rats!

so the other day i'm minding my own business in my garage and what do i see scurry from corner to corner? either a huge mouse or a tiny rat. i wig out just a tad and M'adam leaves the door open for a few hours...which should remedy the problem right? a few days later my sister accidently left the door from the laundry room to the garage door biggy. except i psyched myself into finding mouse poopies all week! 'is that a...!? no justa crum. is that a...!? no no it's lint...maybe this one..." you get it. now. it's been a week since the open door and 10 days from the 'sighting' and i figure i'm safe. i brave the garage to sort my garage sale pile...starting with clothes...i come across these narly poncho/sweater things i got in new mexico a while back (can't go in the 72 hour kit- why? afraid i'll meet my end if i'm seen in it with a backpack...yikes) anyway- i go to throw them onto a pile, and as i pick them up baby rodent confetti rains down!! i totally squealed and reeled back about twenty steps. DISGUSTING! well they couldn't stay on the floor. so i had to put them in a box...with a scooper. three later i can hear a fourth squeaking...where is it? not exactly a search and rescue later but i locate the vile little thing and place it in the box. THEN i notice all the turds around the garage. what to do? i grew up with mice. i know they must be killed. ok. so nasty little bald immobile babies..why can't i squish them again?? a plan a plan... a lightbulb. i drive them to my friends house. apparently baby mice are chicken CANDY. don't ask me why i felt better playing the circle of life than a quick humane smashing but i did. on my way home i inform M'adam i'm buying a cat. no i'm not. i'm buying a snake. no i'm not. then i'm buying gargage chickens and/or a billion dollars worth of anti-rodent hardware! and now i am thoroughly convinced a mouse is in the house due to the open door thing. M'adam thinks i should name it.SICK!

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laurice romney. said...

So gross. Mice are the worst and totally freak me out. I never saw one before moving here!