Tuesday, March 10, 2009

grunt. (a ticked off tuesday moment)

Ok. So here's my adventures for the week so far-

M'Adam is out of town :( so I've had to take over project: BACK LAWN. I'm outside a lot these days... getting wet.
I try to walk the dogs everyday, or every other day or at least let them out to run in the large part of the yard... but with my honey gone, and grass down that you can't walk on, I didn't quite know how a walk was going to get pulled off...the dogs can be a handful alone, and having to use one hand to guide the stoller seemed impossible. Normally one of us takes the stroller (LB hates the "snugli") and the other both dogs, or he'll just stay home with LB. So today, after chickening out yesterday, I decided I'd better big girl up and do it... poor dogs. So I go out after getting LB ready and sitting in the stoller on the side of the house to get the dogs who are very excited to see me. I go into the pen, leash one and while I'm leashing the other- the first dog jumps on me (a habit we're trying to break him of) and knocks me off balance. I land on BOTH dogs in the mud and the only part of me that doesn't hit dog, is the butt cheek with my cellphone in the pocket of, ready to break my fall... I think the implant is still there. Anyway I try to keep my cool REALLY glad I'd decided not to put LB in the hated snugli (it's like a kid front pack), but the dang dog jumps on me again as soon as I got up- so my feet went flying in circles, kicking at anything close enough to get hit (neither dog, but the kennel and gate) apparently that was all I had to do, look nuts, cuz they were practically perfect for the rest of the walk...strangers included. Beasts. Oh yeah- I need a new cell phone.
AND I rented Beowulf. I didn't like it. The whole computer thing threw me off...was I watching people or Shrek? If you have the actors anyway...why waste the movie with creepy computer crap?

I know I know pictures. I'll post a billion in a few days- honest.


Angee said...

That's no fun! Hey, I'm throwing Robby a surprise Birthday party and would love to have you guys come! It's Saturday at 5 at our house in Maricopa. If you want directions, if you guys can come, send me an email and I'll get them to you! :)

Sabra said...

I'm with you...That movie could have been so great!

Derrick + Laurice. said...

sad. love dogs but sometimes they can be such a pain! sorry about the phone that sucks!

faith celeste said...

Feel better? Poor Shay-Shay...It had to be Adam's dog.

Elena said...

Sounds no bueno, sorry you had such a crappy day. I hated that movie, it totally sucked!