Friday, January 30, 2009


well, M'Adam and I went out and got a few things that depend on how good a shot you are. 2 rifles and a camera. :) we got me an AK47 (I look pretty beastly holding it) and he got an AR15... then we got a Nikon D60. it takes AWESOME pictures and I love it... but I'll have to post pics later. sorry- I've just been too busy to blog!

we've been up to:
-organizing the house (still)
-blessing the baby
-a wedding (lots of family in town)
-and a bunch of nothing that takes too much time!

my mom laughs at me cuz for a stay-at-home mom, I'm never there. always running here and there blah blah. I know stuff will simmer down eventually... in a good 25 years lol. but I had to come let everyone know we were alive still, and I have a few b-day shout-outs I'm late on so happy birthday January!! hopefully I'll be more on the ball next month, 'specially since there are a million February b-days!!


Laurice. said...

nice...your going to love the camera! Pictures are my favorite thing to do!

The Cottams said...

Noo!! It allllllllways gets extended. BUT, he is scheduled to board a plane on thursday, if not sooner! That's the furthest we've ever been. He should be here by Friday! I'm going crazy, you have no idea. I am so impatient it's sad.

The Cottams said...

Yes ma'am! Why do you ask?

Aika said...

ooh lucky... I want a Nikon D60 too!!! :)