Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok I'm getting really bad at blogging!!
What have we been up to?

Well, the beginning of the month- I don't remember.
Valentine's weekend we left Little Boy for the first time :( to go camping outside of Florence. Good thing we left him- we woke up from our bedrolls to FROST on everything!!

As well as his first sleep over, LB had his first horse ride, tractor ride and moto ride recently too. and he's huge. I weighed 10 lbs at his age. HE'S 16!

We adopted a new dog, M'Adam was really missing the one that left. So we went down to the pound and found a lab/pix that he loves! We named him George.

I got 'labyrinthitis'. not a joke. It was kinda funny actually, cuz I was walking to the right and slanting and stuff...felt like post-bad fair ride. That kept me at home a few days.
At the same time as that, M'Adam got flashburn from he was practically blind for two days. Poor LB didn't get much play time.

We're now trying to work on our yards. M'Adam got a new lawnmower (our current grass is like bean shaped nothing in the front!) and I got a little tree and some garden seeds- YEAH!

M'Adam's b-day was on the 25th. He's an old man. :)
(everyone else had their birthday this month to- so happy birthday all of you!)

Gee, it doesn't sound like we're up to much but I'm always busy.

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Laurice. said...

Glad you guys are both feeling better. Post some pictures of the little one. He's adorable.