Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here's to family

So, yeah- I'm not big into computers, but I do tend to whine or brag so when my sister asked all of us to blog to keep it easy to keep up with each other...I figured enough happens around here that I might be able to keep up! M'Adam works out of town a lot so we are kind of the gypsy type right now- you're in for some funny stories! We just recently purchased a SMALL trailer to stay in while we're away...it's decent enough, but M'Adam is 6' tall and let's say the whole shower situation is pretty hilarious itself! He just left this morning- I'll join him in a few days- so this blog is just in time for the adventure!
More to know during the upcoming adventures is that we are pregnant with baby one, which may make for some fun twists. We also recently added a new puppy to our family, and we are usually joined on the gypsy parade by family members who work in his same company(his father and older brother) and their families. It makes for some fun times!


Sabra said...

Excited you jumped on the blogwagon! I will add you to my list!

Sabra said...

P.S. Thank you so so much for the gift card to Harkins! You did NOT need to do that, but thank you. Very thoughtful.

Aika said...

Wow, you bought a trailor? That's awesome. You have to post it so that we can see it. :)