Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adventure update: Hiking

Well-since my last post, we've been busy! We were in Cottonwood, where M'Adam is working, and it was FREEZING cold and rainy up there (45*). For a few days we just bummed around...then M'Adam told me we were going to go on a hike...which is new because he hates walking. So we pick a hike, get some hiking crap (I wouldn't let him get a $30 stick and he wasn't happy-like we hike enough to even have hiking crap) and it turns out that where we wanted to hike was all rainy. We ended up going to a couple state parks around the area of Jerome, the Tuzigoot, and some near Sedona- where I got a red rock shirt I'll have you know- and had fun in the rain...as well as the other billion tourists :) M'Adam bought himself a 'treat' which I'll have to write about later when I can post pics (I get all the way up there and don't have my digital camera...nice). He was really good to me all weekend...he even walked an art gallery with me...but I did get suckered into going to Indiana Jones with him. We even had fun in our dork trailer- without heat for a few days...and Otto tried to chew everything despite having his toys and a dirty little bone he found outside. Hopefully it will continue to be as fun as it's been for the gypsy parade...and hopefully the next adventure update will come with some freaking pics eh??


Derrick and Laurice said...

I am so glad that you guys started a blog!!! Now we can keep in touch better. Love the picture of you guys on the side...the next time I am down we will all have to get together....I think Derrick will be coming with me in July!

The Umphress Clan said...

hey our blog is umphressclan.blogspot glad you have one we will most definately keep in touch better!:)