Friday, May 16, 2008

Sighs and Smiles

Does anyone know what yesterday was? LAUNDRY DAY! I hate laundry day. You'd think I'd get wise and do a load a day, but no...I torture myself with procrastination until I have too many loads to want to think about...and all that folding. Folding and putting away is the worst part! And I'm really particular about it-shirts just-so, towels in 1/2, 1/2, and 1/3...then you have to put it away! I know where everything in my home is...but does M'Adam? Of course not! That leads to rooting around 'ruining' my just-so-ness. Why do I care when they're his things in his drawers? I'm a woman...I have to care. During laundry day (since I'll be home all day) I also pick up the rest of the house. Everyday I dread this, then do it and remember how easy it is and how much time it doesn't take, and wonder why I don't just keep on it, or why I make such a big deal about having to do it. My husband would laugh at that. You see, not only does every man appreciate a clean house (especially when his effort is minimal), but that's pretty much my only job. That's right people- I'm spoiled. I am a 22 year old housewife...already loving the kept life- which will stay that way seeing as I don't want to work with kids at home and Baby is due sometime in October. It's not that I wouldn't work...I've just never had too- I having every intention of opening SOME business someday...but for now- life is all good. I know I should remember that I'm lucky...but you'd understand if you saw our laundry pile! ;)

I also want to shout out for some birthdays today! My littlest sister Heidi "Beeb", is 13 today...yeah! a whole new world of movies open up- and my nephew Reed, is 4 today...he informed us that he didn't want family at his birthday this year...funny kid. I also want to send a pre-shout out for M'Adam's sister Emily, who will be 26 tommorrow!


Sabra said...

You can come over here and do your laundry!

Aika said...

I understand. I hate laundry too, and I hate that I'm OCD about folding my clothes. I always tell myself, if I wasn't OCD about it then it wouldn't be that bad. But it's something that you just can't cure all of a sudden. :)