Monday, May 19, 2008

Just today- Nothing fancy

M'Adam is in Clarkdale, AZ... so I will be joining him the trailer :)
I've decided for sanity purposes that I will come home for portions of the week, but it's nice and chilly up there this time of year (nice break from HEAT). And really, the only thing to do up there is camp- or go antiquing...which means there may be some awesomely tacky things coming home! Perhaps for YOUR living room too!
This morning I also had a doctor's apt, so me and my little belly went- we heard Baby's heartbeat today- very strong! We are exciting to find out what we're having in the upcoming weeks!
And I gotta shout out again- Emily got engaged!


The Sweet Life of Emily. said...

Hey Shay! Thanks for the shout out...$20 bucks its a girl!!!:)

Sabra said...

If it's a girl I'm okay with you naming after me.