Friday, June 6, 2008

Heck of a day for pregnancy perks-

Okay- so today is already my day. Last night I spent mostly not sleeping due to pregnancy pains and snoring(not mine). This morning I tried to get cute for M'Adam...I've been kinda a bum, but now that I'm feeling better and he asked my hair to come out of it's perma-bun, I thought well okay. So the hair curlers go in...10 minutes later kinky funky not so curls- so it gets the ol' pull back. Yeah my hair is changing and I'm finally tired of it being short. THEN I tried to get dressed. The first shirt got a wild sunscreen better than a stain...and the next 36 have stopped fitting over night- so I put on a good ol' tee. And then the moment of truth. I normally have big boobs...but now they are freakin' my bra doesn't fit and my short torso doesn't keep them from looking in the middle of my body- time to bra shop. Good luck in Cottonwood...being 32 around and now bigger than my normal DD... they had nothing. So, I can either suffer through my old little bra or loaf boob it in a sports bra...let me just cry right now. Not cute hair- no support- and no fitting shirts. Oh and did I mention I started getting the pregnancy fuzz, dark veins, and I'm showing just enough to still look just chubby? I'm running away- I look like a wild animal anyway...and the forest sounds nice and as you probably figured I got 'the cries' today too... I just need a hug...and a fat boob bra.


The Umphress Clan said... does get better!!! It's just getting through those rough days that seem they will never end, but they do!!! TRUST ME THEY DO!!! It's all worth it and we are cheering you on and I am definately empathizing with you!!! Check our blog
love you

Sabra said...

At least you are in Cottonwood where no one knows any better!

Amanda said...

You crack me up. Sorry, I laughed my butt off. I love the uniboob look. It doesn't get better, just different. Love you!

Lena said...

There's always Duct Tape!

Aika said...

hahah... I never understand why people say that they love being pregnant. I bet you write all this stuff, but you still look cute as ever. But... I totally understand. :)