Sunday, June 22, 2008


We recently took a trip to the Grand was M'Adam's first trip! It was quite funny- we got to the first shoulder lookout...we stopped, took pictures and he thought that was it! When he found out there was more he was excited. We visited the visitor center, saw the shops and a lot of great views, we thought about taking a hiking tour, but not 4 1/2 months pregnant- next time.
We had gotten up really really early to go (4am thank you) and by the time we had seen most of the wonder, everyone else had shown up- there was nothing to do with that many tourists...except eat ice cream. M'Adam's fell over- hence the plate, and caught the attention of some "wild" friends. At one point the darn thing was in his lap! It's always nice to find new friends!


Sabra said...

There is no next time, Pooh! Once you have kids you aren't going to be taking any hiking tours in your free time!

Just Joan said...

Great Pics! Yeah I would love to help with Gma's thing let me know to see if I will be in town for what you are trying to plan.