Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tagged! and the picture saga...

I got tagged- I haven't played that in a LONG time. So thank you Julz.
1-Ten years ago I was: probably thinking about what I wanted for my 13th b-day...and going on a beach vacation with my family (we went every year-good times)
2-Five things I intend to do: have a fabulous backyard, find cute baby boy stuff and make a nursery, get my husband to go on a trip with me, clean my house really good, and learn to truely relax-not just be lazy :)
3-If I were a billionaire: I wouldn't be blogging!-I'd be living in some fabulous villa playing with my huney all over the world, and encouraging him to learn to fly...and I'd have a pony. I'd be Angelina Jolie's 2nd BFF and we'd go do good all over I'm sure. (LOL) pinch me- it won't happen.
4-My bad habits: letting my huney feel the brunt of my frustrations, leaving my hair in a perma-bun, and being lazy...and not speaking like a 'laydee'
5-Places I've lived: Bard, Yuma, Bullhead, Birmingham (1 summer), Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek... I haven't gotten far :(
6-Jobs I've had: Lifeguard, Dr.'s office, Cell phone sales, Nanny, Waitress, Vet tech, and Office manager... nothing stuck, I think I hate people.
I'm supposed to tag people...hmmm... I guess I could tag my sisters in law-yeah tag them! You know who you are!

AND- I finally uploaded all my pics, I'll have to blog some blurps from the past this week so, if you care...check often! Thanks!

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Derrick and Laurice said...

I don't have you e-mail to e-mail the link so if you will just leave your e-mail with me then I will get on that.