Sunday, June 15, 2008

I had to call my dad at 5:30am

to be the first daughter to say, "happy daddy day!" (my 3 sisters live with him)
M'Adam and I were both blessed with great fathers. It's comforting to know that in a world of shady characters that we both have role models to look to, friends to count on, and fathers worthy of respect. I remember the first time I respected my father conciously- we did daddy/daughter dates and father's interviews when I was younger, which was great because my father worked shift work, and his schedule didn't always mesh well with ours. After one such interview I realized through our conversation how much my father loved me, how hard he worked for us to have stupid things like jellie shoes, and how much he loved the gospel. My dad wasn't just a dad that day...and his world had more in it than me, but I knew that I was one of it's biggest parts. And I'm sorry to say I forgot that sometimes... gee I knew how to be a brat! But we've maintained a good relationship he and I, and I will always love that funny old man.
M'Adam's father I have only known as long as I've been married, but I know he is a great man too- I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and he happened to be the person to take care of me... I got a milkshake every day! I enjoy the time we spend together and I delight in the fact that we can do that, and have an understanding of each other without having to say much. He instantly made me feel as welcomed into his family as any of his own fact I was informed before we got married that I was in... and needed to think about grandbabies :)
My own husband will make an even better father I think. He has two examples to reflect-and seems to already have a plan! He is so great with children and such a tender heart- our kids will be spoiled rotten I'm sure of it.
wow- I really didn't plan on writing this much! But my father has a saying that I think fits this day: "Daddy do it" - and they all do!

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