Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The dead duck day :(

Sigh. I had the cries yesterday... all day. It probably didn't help that I had a full weekend and yesterday morning everyone went to Cottonwood but me. I just didn't feel it. I do ok being alone, but I couldn't start on any of my indoor projects, and it's over 100*- so much for my outdoor projects. I stayed in and picked up a few things...then I got a call from a friend who's never in town and she wanted to hang out- sounded fun so I head to meet her and on the way I HIT A DUCK!...a teeny baby duck... and to make matters worse, it was the momma's last baby duck- I felt terrible! There she was trying to make it get up and dodging all the drivers behind me that kept me from stopping- it was so pathetic that I start totally bawling in the truck... poor ducky. I get to where my friend is hoping for some cheer up, and she's brought people with her- it's like she can't hang out with me alone anymore cuz I'm married and pregnant- us married people must not be any fun. So we shop around one shop and then she "has to go"... no cheering up and no hanging out- thanks. She'd brought me a parting gift though- a cute little towel set for the baby, but what did it have on it? You guessed it- A BABY DUCK! I cried on the way home too. Good thing there was a Carraba's on the way. I love there dang bread and dip...oh and I got gelato too- it was quite a picnic in my living room. That cheered me up a little. Today I bought a recommended book in the Great and Terrible 'series' and I started to read it...I cried before I even got through the prologue. Crying- I must be catching up for all my non-crying years. That, or 'Nancy' really does make people weird.


Sabra said...

It's okay to cry, Pooh!

Derrick & Laurice said...

Oh I am so sorry! It's the hormones and that it was a baby duck....been there before it sucks! A few days after I had Camden I had the crying spells bad for a few weeks! So if that happens just hang in there it's hard but all part of pregnancy! How fun huh!