Friday, June 13, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig

Yeah! We're home for a few days but that's ok because I just like being teased by my big bathtub and comfy bed. I have a lot to do around here! M'Adam's parents are moving, I have food storage EVERYWHERE, my 'office' looks like a tornado hit it and it has to be moved into the other room so that in the next few months we can get ready for Baby! (I'm halfway done with pregnancy-which I lovingly refer to as 'nancy') so- it's a little soon but with M'Adam out of town for a while I gotta work before I can't touch me toes! And it will take me a while anyway- I'm big on taking breaks and procrastinating :) My sister's are also moving soon, so family in town for a few opportune days, and M'Adam's sister is coming to play with us all the way from Texas! Lots to fill my time in the next little bit. Not to mention, being home means 'motherhood' store shopping for that big boob bra I need. But anyway- you'll hear from us later, we have funny stories about a few things which NEED their corresponding pictures-which I have to figure out how to upload (I'm no comuter genius) and we find out if Baby is a girl or boy on wednesday! So excited!

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