Saturday, June 28, 2008

Project: Room Swap

A project... every woman's need and nightmare right? And as usual it has turned into something bigger than it started. It started a simple moving of one room to another-the office to the spare room so that I could nursery up the office (it's warmer for baby in there). Well as soon as we got one room empty, I, being the nit-pick I am, notice that it needs a few touch ups...some caulking in the molding, perhaps a fresh coat of paint if I find that right color, and well- a carpet clean. I found a really good deal with a carpet cleaner who will let me take a day between rooms... but can't come til monday. So all I can do until then is move the closet crap. (I'm afraid if I paint the steam will affect the paint on the molding). So looking at the 1st step...swapping closets I realize how much CRAP I have... and I admit it is all mine- M'Adam is good about throwing stuff out. Sub-project A becomes a two part project of re-organizing and sorting to keep and toss- anyone want extra junk? Then, when I tried to move the computer and set it up, I found that the internet is only hooked to one room- the other one! Great! But I've already taken that room apart and moved desks that had to be disassembled and reassembled so it's too late to change my mind. So what started out simple has become: Swap closets, move big stuff to living area, WAIT, carpet clean, WAIT, paint, move big stuff into place, call cable guy. And to make it easy on myself, I wait til there is not a whole lot of people around to help- YIKES... but on the upside, I am appeasing my picky nature, being productive (which I can't say for weeks past), and I will end up with the fabulous rooms I envision! HA HA! After that- I'm on a break!


Derrick & Laurice said...

Hey at least it will all be done and just the way you want before the baby comes!

The Umphress Clan said...

So when did this nit-pick shay come about cause last time I remember living with you being late to work I ate it two times on the floor due to your CRAP all over the floor. OH MAN GOOD STORIE AND GOOD TIMES!!! :)