Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Movie Day!

Yesterday I had nothing to do... so after running a few errands, I stopped by the local blockbuster to pick up a chick flick or two seeing as M'Adam wasn't around to make me rent some action thriller. I picked up: definately, maybe/the other Boleyn sister/my blueberry nights. My carpet wasn't quite dry so the love sac we own was right in front of the tv- I made a 'nest' of pillows and such and sat down for some movie time. Interesting picks I might add. The first movie wasn't what I thought it would be...but I enjoyed it. The second one- GEEZ...history is just crazy and it's amazing what people do! (by the way I love Scarlett Johansen) and the third film was some crazy weird had-to-be-'indy' film about broken people and their left me in one of those awkward self-evaluating frames of mind. And of course I felt pathetic watching flicks all day after that. Luckily that went away :)

Update on project room swap: I'm totally organized on ONE side of this house (minus the paint I want up) and the other looks like I just emptied a moving truck...but I am getting rid of a ton of stuff (very cathardic) and it feels SO great to sit in the 'pretty' half of the house. So, as soon as I get rich- I'll paint.

Update on Baby: I think he's in his own little dance class or something- that kid is always a movin'! He's turned me into a cereal junkie...and I started gaining 'baby' weight...humm...and have most days given up on trying to look presentable. (it doesn't help that I'm cleaning all day)

Update on adventure/Cottonwood: Nothing cool has really happened...and if it did I haven't been up there to notice. M'Adam goes to Denny's every morning and gets home from work to sleep- you all know what I've been up to!

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Derrick & Laurice said...

I saw the movie the other Boleyn girl in the theater and didn't like it at all. The actors are beautiful but the story so disturbing! History...yikes!