Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hairyette or Silky Smooth

Necessity right? You'd think that since shaving is sort of a standard in this country-they would GIVE them to you...instead, no matter how you go, for quality you end up paying like two dollars for two shaves! could murder your legs for cheap, but you really wouldn't have that 'check me and my sexy legs' thing going. I recently discovered that disposables are about the same as buying the cartridges-and that's good for me, cuz I will not buy those anymore...a few years ago I bought some and was bringing them home and as I went to change the cartridge I wondered how clean that handle thing could be-I think I'd had it a didn't LOOK dirty, but I immediately threw it out and won't go back, I would be nuts to lysol a razor right? I was thinking about this because I have to keep mine stocked up...and I pulled out a newby this morning and realized that the whole woman regiment thing is annoying (tweezing, shaving, face gunk, waxing and bleaching, teeth whitening, hair wonder we're cranky-M'Adam's sink has almost nothing under it!) and pricey- if the world blows up- I hope I'm inside a Target. (And I'm hiding the cookies.)


Derrick & Laurice said...

You crack me up and I better be in that Target with you!

Amanda said...

I just use Dan's and then throw them out. That way I don't have a gazillion razors in my shower. That is a pet peve of mine. Plus, it is so humid here they rust really fast