Monday, July 7, 2008

Nirvana and Chocolate

So a few days ago, M'Adam was watching a tv program about the best top whatever songs from the 90's... and of course number one is 'smells like teen spirit'. No offense to Kurt Cobain, but I hate that song. Over the weekend I thought of a couple of things that are also totally over-rated...or under-rated-here's my top of head list- add if you will.

-stupid songs
-having a tan(that's right Mom)
-certain hem..Natalie Portman

-ice water
-bedsheets out of the dryer
-big ugly t-shirts
-gelato(way better than ice cream)

I would also like to add that in some rare occasions, something is as good as it claims to See's nuts and chews box-which I did NOT down the day M'Adam left...did I?


Laydee said...

oh yeah- I already know most of you will disagree on the song thing- I don't care.

Sabra said...

I'm with you on the song, Pooh!

Derrick & Laurice said...

Not a fan either! So when does Adam get back? I know Derrick will want to see him and I would love to hang with you guys. My schedule until Derrick gets here is crazy! I am meeting with Derrick sister to pick out carpet and tile for our house and my friend and I are setting up my sister and her brother so we are all hanging out. Plus all the girls from where I used to work are getting I don't know if it will work to get together until after Derrick gets here....sorry...Next time I come we have to do a girls lunch.