Monday, July 14, 2008

I just love M'Adam

This is just a 'thank you' to my wonderful husband with whom I shared an awesome weekend. The greatest part was that we really didn't even do anything-it is just great to have time with my best friend! We did have a few funny moments though. We had planned a stay in date night for Friday(we have a once a week date night) and so I went about shopping and prepping to make everything perfect. We were going to have slow cooked baby-back ribs, which would take about as long to cook as it would for M'Adam to drive home. He didn't end up leaving work until 6ish...then, since he had decided to bring the trailer back, he went to load up. The lights went out- and it took a good while to get a new fuse, and fix everything in working order...he didn't end up getting on the road until a little after 8. Instead of calling off dinner-I went ahead and put the ribs in and figured we'd have a 10:30 dinner, which was fine cuz he'd want to eat anyway. Oh- have I told you my oven is tempermental? It didn't even start cooking the ribs by the time M'Adam arrived. Sigh. Well by that time I was starving and M'Adam had the idea to just finish everything else and hope our 'fancy' cookware could finish the job(we spent a fortune on saladmaster cookware a while back-it's awesome!). By the time M'Adam showered and the food was ready it was a little past midnight...and the oven kicks on! I took advantage and made brownies for dessert- so yeah midnight dinner of really good ribs! The next day we spent helping each other around the house and visiting with a few friends, we went to dinner with my mom and her boyfriend and just lounged in the spots in between. Yesterday I tried to make bread- didn't rise at all so it was like a pound bread- but M'Adam ate it anyway and we(he) put his dirt bike back together and got it running. So, see? Nothing too fabulous went on...except some quality time- which was much needed for him to detox from weeks of no weekends and for me to just have my love for more than a few sleepy hours! It was good to feel missed too, for both of us to not care if we did anything but hang out together...and it was funny because we noticed that in the other's absence we've both taken on funny quirks the other has. I guess we just love each other! As you can guess, we were both sad for him go this morning... hopefully he is granted a day next weekend to play with me again. :)


Elena said...

I know how you feel, not that Cody leaves all week, but sometimes we get so busy and caught up in doing other stuff we just forget to remember each other. I really love those stay-at-home/do-nothing weekends!

Derrick & Laurice said...

Couldn't agree more....nothings better than hanging with your man.

Amanda said...

Do nothing stay at home weekends are my favorite too. They just remind me why I married this guy.