Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Patriot

Yesterday being Independance Day made me think a little bit. I've never been really patriotic, I mean I am happy to live here, say the pledge and stuff, but I've never gone further than that. Yesterday it did not occur to me to wear my red, white, and blue...we went to the mall to hang out with family and we saw a billion kids with there flag shirts and one little girl in particular who was head-to-toe decked out in homemade flag and Americana everything! It made me smile. I didn't feel very well, so after dinner with family, M'Adam and I retired for the evening which meant- no fireworks unless we caught them on tv after the baseball game. I thought of how American it must feel to sit at the game...all dressed up next to all the veterans eating hotdogs and singing the National Anthem...and it hit me-I'm not that patriotic at all! I haven't paid much attention to this year's politics (partly due to disappointment for where they lead) and the economy being the way it's being I have forgotten to be grateful that I live HERE. I thought about the old days when so many people migrated from all over just to be American, even if it meant sleeping 17 people in one house. Then I thought further back to how awesome our Fore-Fathers had to have build up a country, and fight for the values they did outnumbered and laughed at...and WIN. I thought about what they considered American. They sought religious freedom, and democracy- a concept in which all people have a voice and are welcomed to use it. A concept in which ALL are represented by one government. It made me remember how the political parties work and how it's become less common to come together for a greater good. And how some of my countrymen want to remove religion from all things government- which makes me sad...if only they could remember what our country was founded on...and let it apply. If only everyone was able to see good from one Presidential Candidate...or our current President- whom I like thank you! I thought of all the bad things I've heard about him...the war, and what he hasn't accomplished. I think he's done rather well. He is after all- one man. And I think that no matter my opinion of the war, there are men and women who mostly in young adult years, dedicate themselves to serve for what they think to be American- 'Liberty and Justice for All.' I know many soldiers, and I know that none would be at war if they didn't feel a need. I've heard of several brave men and women who return to war without being ordered because they feel it's right. More right than sitting at home being a spoiled housewife, or some business man. And if they feel war is for a cause- then I agree. Who am I to tell all those who volunteered to possibly lay done their life for an idea to be lived out by others that they are wrong? Freedom is necessary and I am so grateful to have it. So- today I am buying a flag (if there are any left!) to hang in my home everyday for my new found appreciation and admiration for the men and women who have established and continued the traditions that allow us to maintain the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave".


Derrick & Laurice said...

Couldn't agree more!

Derrick & Laurice said...

I'm here right now and Derrick will be here in a week. We should get together when he does. How about the 15th? That's like the only day he will be here.