Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Dream Pony

I wish I had a pony. Well to be technical, a horse- and if I were rich...I'd have one of these bad boys. I have always enjoyed riding and looking at horses. Everytime we go to Mexico I beg M'Adam to ride at the ranch with me...that's the only chance I really have to ride. This year we probably won't be going due to trouble over there and my swollen belly-so I'm going to miss out on my once a year ride!:( M'Adam has mentioned getting me a pony someday...but I think he's teasing. Whenever we talk about buying a home in the future we talk about having property...and he recently told me we should buy a house pony ready. It makes me really excited but sad too- I would love to own horses, but M'Adam doesn't do the whole 'pleasure ride' thing. So it's only a personal passion (I guess I should be happy enough he wants to indulge it right?) If I do get a horse I know it won't be a billion dollar, jet black, long curly maned Friesian...but M'Adam doesn't drive a Farrari so, I'd be perfectly fine with what I get, as long as it goes. I've also contemplated running a grooming and 'babysitting' gig for the local horse owners in case my own doesn't come soon...but again, Nancy means no pony play for now. I hope my children love animals as much as I do, and hopefully one day we'll have a Friesian and a Farrari!:)

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