Monday, August 18, 2008

Dog saga continues...

So...I love dogs but mine are driving me nuts. My mom's dog went home...but the the other 'new' dog likes to dig. She's made herself a sleep hole that doesn't seem to stop growing...and a few others have grown too. Also- our little dog is a jumper (really annoying) and she's become one too in what a week? Come on now. Oh well, she's happy and it can be fixed right? Then this morning when M'Adam was leaving for work, He went to get something from the yard to throw out...two of the dogs wandered out and were checking out the driveway...then out of nowhere the other dog decided not to be good anymore and BOLTED down the street...nice how-do-you-do at 3:30 am. So I hop in the truck and drive all over trying to find her and the little dog who had decided to follow...I'm tired, want to kiss my honey goodbye, and I'm getting a sore throat...not my best morning. I get down the street and can see them...Dolci hopped in the truck bed knowing she was in trouble...but Otto decided he didn't need to listen and ran off again. I found him barking and running up and down a neighbors fenceline, bugging their dogs...nice. He was too interested to obey still so I had to stand in his path and intercept him while trying not to get runover! I get them back to the yard...and both sit down and look at me like, "what?"- Oh they know!! I just hope my day doesn't follow suit...that seems to happen often, but I like having good days.

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