Friday, August 8, 2008

Make-shift pound?

Everyone knows we have our two dogs...Dolci, a Lab/Dalmation mix- and Otto, a German shorthair (though he totally acts the hound way). M'Adam and I have recently reconsidered if it was a good idea to have them around- they don't get too much attention when it's so hot...and we feel bad for not working with them, especially the puppy. Well I called a few shelters- all full...I guess people can't afford to feed animals anymore. Then I felt REALLY bad. So we made a few goals and decided they would stay...and then we inherited my mom's Rottweiler for a week while she vacations, and the dogs get along great so no biggy right? Other night M'Adam's sister calls us- she has taken charge of the family dog Dubie, a CockerSpaniel, who out of anxiety had started completely trashing her home...poor Emily and poor Dubie. So Doggie number 4 has come to stay with us, already tried to run away-which is familiar dogs (she had a 'playmate' in Mexico) and no 'Mommy'...I'd run away too! Thankfully she had a tag and didn't get far at all...silly dog left in the AFTER a storm and was probably terrified! She was really happy to be back in the yard though- and we boobie trapped her in, so I hope she's ok 'til she can get a ride back home to Mexico. But it's funny...the other day we considered no dogs...and now our yard is full! (no- we are not offering a drop-off service!) But hey- we love dogs!


Elena said...

What is?

Amanda said...

Shay you are a saint, not only do you take my brother in to raise. Now you have the Dog too. I have never liked that dog. Sorry Shay. Are you guys going down to help brand?

Derrick and Laurice said... are incredible that is something I would never do!