Friday, August 29, 2008

A lot of little somethings...

I miss Shamu.

We've been having a lot of rain and "storminess" the last few days...last night was a big FAT storm...with tons of lighting- no joke it was going like a strobe light! We even brought the dogs in for the night- which never happens! We pretty much unplugged everything, and opened our blinds and watched the 'show' til we fell asleep. It was nice...'cept it'll be muggy today!

We're off on a mini adventure this evening- My dad invited M'Adam to go dove hunting this Yuma here we come! Hopefully, we'll make it home with the crib this time. It'll be a funny trip-we're taking furniture to my mom's mother...(I don't say g-ma cuz I don't claim her really...long story) and we'll come back with furniture for our home from my grandma (dad's mom). And some Chili Pepper!(really REALLY good "dirty little burritos")...oh! anyone have any good dove recipes??

I am now at 31 weeks...yikes... and I've decided to heck with birthing classes- $70 bucks for something M'Adam can't get to anyway cuz of work, and I'll forget during thanks. I figure if the women in the bush can do without, I can too. I'm getting to the point where Baby can come out now...if he wants.

YAY! We got our loan for the new house!... Our first time in Escrow- weew! The gal said it should take another week to get our building permit, so they might start as soon as the end of next week! (if you care to check it out, go to , we're in model 250 or Dalea!)

Since I probably won't get to blog til we get home-
Happy Labor day...hit the good sales for me!
And a shout-out to Brother-in-law Dan, who's b-day is the 31st!


Amanda said...

You guys have a great weekend! So excited about the house!!!! Tell your dad hi for us.

Derrick and Laurice said...

Awesome house....I am so jealous! 31 weeks that's something to celebrate!

Aika said...

Sorry about the restaurant experience, but I did check your house and it looks really nice. I'm so excited for you guys!!! It will be so nice having your own home with your new baby boy in it. AND... yes, we are on for this Saturday, of course I wouldn't forget. :)