Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rant and Rave...then Rant again.

This is evidence that the night went well... Ahi in your water. We all went to McGrath's for dinner last night...not my favorite, but I've never had a problem there. We met at 7:30... didn't get our bumbling waiter for a while, and had crappy service. Our food (which arrived at 9!) wasn't fabulous and even after taking all that time- people still had missing sides- Yikes. The manager was NOT helpful at all- so the night ended with food in a glass and children drawing on the napkins. I'm sure it will take a while to get me to drive over there again. (AND the food gave me a tummy ache!)

We have a bird dog! M'Adam and Otto went on their first dove hunt and had a blast! It was my job, as per tradition, to get donuts from a local shop and since I couldn't shoot anyway- the boys left without me...M'Adam got his limit- which is great! (now we have to eat them though) and Otto was completely comfy being around all the hunters, guns, and birds. He even helped retrieve a few, which came back a little knawed on...but he's still in training. :) M'Adam had a lot of fun and I was glad to be around family in the relaxing country atmosphere. (plus grandma Evelyn spoils us!)

What else? - they are supposed to start our house soon...hopefully this week- YAY!

Other than that- I just hate politics. Maybe I'll get into it later.

OH- and thanks to Amanda I'm reading that series the Great and Terrible...on number 4...it's good! (M'Adam said after I was telling him about it that Tom Clancy already wrote that- obviously without the spiritual aspects. Not the same...boys don't get it do they?)

My little sister is crazy... she wants fairy tale dresses at her reception- and a bubble machine. Gotta love 'er.


Just Joan said...

I see you are forging bonds that will last a life time.

Sabra said...

So you were in Yuma...Again?

Amanda said...

Well, just tell her NOT to quit school. No you are not wrong but, give him the benefit of the doubt until you meet him. She loves him, maybe you can too. I know....coming from me that's big stuff right there. Ah hell, just let Adam knock some sense into him. LOL

Derrick and Laurice said...

Yikes don't let her drop out of school and can't you talk any sense into her about those colors??? That should be fun!

faith celeste said...

She needs her big sis to be her example. Love the heck out of her and give her some really good advice. Hopefully she will stay true to what she knows. She really is a good girl. Love or whatever it is does funny things to people.