Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok...maybe I shouldn't read.

As you know, I've been working my way through the Great and Terrible series by Chris Stewart. It's pretty much a look into doomsday with all the glamour of a Tom Clancy novel- but it has the spiritual twists that make it a great LDS read, and reminder of the possibilities. BUT- it is totally freaking me out now that I am into book 5. I am a worrier by nature anyway, and I'm one of those 'has to be perfect conditions' people so doomsday freaks me out as it is. I hate throwing a party without every detail covered...how am I going to do BOOM- now live!!? I've been working on storage...not as far as we need to be, but there's only so much we are able to do right now. In this book senario, the U.S. is hit by a Nuclear missile, taking out the capitol...then hit by 4 Scud missiles (EMP-electromagnetic pulse) which pretty much wipes out our entire government, then all electric anything. Back to the good ol' horse and cart if you got 'em days. Of, course this results in riots, people killing each other over bottles of water- you get it. So, here I am- KNOWING that AZ. Sen. Jon Kyl actually DID write an article about how that would be a huge possiblility for our nations downfall (inviting?) and can I just say little ms. worry is totally freaking out! I'm moving to my aunt's house. :) I'm not so much worried about not having things...other than food and water...I really could wear the same outfit for a week if I had to- tried it when I was a kid one summer. But, I'm worried about having to defend what we do have...I mean what would you do if someone was trying to break into your home because they know you've been storing? Or think you have cash? Sharing sounds like the Christ-like thing to do...but then we have the parable of the 10 virgins...you've been warned...you didn't prepare- you're out kinda thing. And hello- would I be able to harm another person, or watch my husband do, to keep my family safe and fed? M'Adam's cousin thinks it'd be easier to get dead, seeing as it's the end of the world anyway. So...death, or fight/hideout. Sounds like no fun. (And according to the Mayan calendar and 1/2 dozen other sources...it's only 3 years away!!) Gasp. I'm going back to bed!


Just Joan said...

WOW I'll admit I wouldn't be able to read any of those books...the idea of the end of the world and death and all that is WAY too scary for me...but you are right I would run to my mom's house (I'm assuming she is the aunt...considering it feels and looks like we live in a Sam's Club). Although the books are scary are they definitely worth the read? and the knowledge of what could possibly happen? Let me know...love and miss you.

Laydee said...

yeah...I really am enjoying them!