Thursday, September 18, 2008

It shouldn't be a challenge.

My sister-in-law just posted a challenge. Well, for me anyway. It seems that no matter how faithful I try to be, the little things get set aside for late night shows or a work of fiction...or I am simply to lazy to get to. The challenge is this:

personal and family prayer
personal and family scripture study
acts of love/compassion to spouse

date with spouse
observing the sabbath
magnify callings

pay tithing and offerings
temple work
home/visit teach (and allow to be taught)
-I'm adding:
add to year supply
acts of compassion to family member
acts of compassion to stranger

I hope M'Adam and I can do this (the challenge is 100 days- so roughly until the new year) he has always been a support to things like this, though somedays we seem to slip, and then forget to start again. My problem is that I'd rather do it at night...he is much more of a morning person, and after missing him all day, I don't always give him the time to read on his own. I guess I'll have to be a morning person...might as well, Baby will wake me anyway! AND- you have to start somewhere right?
I hope if anyone else takes on this challenge that we can share knowledge and testimony gained through the spirit and the experiences that will be placed before us- I use the excuse most days that I'm not a better saint because I simply can't be translated and leave M'Adam alone, or that the Relief Society Presidency ain't ready for me. But in truth, I guess I'm too selfish to do the simple things asked of me. Which I am now humbled for; we are given so much, and I am continually blessed despite my shortcomings. I am grateful to have a Father in Heaven who loves me that much...and gives me so many chances to figure out what I already know- life is better, happier, fuller and more meaningful when you are obediant.


Laurice. said...

That's an awesome challenge...I will be trying!

DeAnne Baum said...

You are GREAT! I miss getting to talk to you on a regular base now! Good luck on your new challenge.

By the way, you look so darn cute prego!

Aika said...

That is really cool that you break it down like that. I need to be better too. Reading your blog entry makes me want to try harder too. Thanks!