Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baking fool-

Yesterday I woke up with a wild bake! Now, as before stated- I am NO good at baking, so
where this hair came from I have no idea. I called the 'Master Baker' (Steph) and got a few ideas on what I should make. I came up with Madelines, Red velvet -Chocolate chip cookies, Cinnamon rolls, and Molasses cookies...M'Adam requested Texas sheet cake- so armed with recipes and all my ingredients I set out to make the RVCC cookies (friggin' AWESOME), and the Madelines...which needed some help. I've tried over and over to do these...they are one of my favs- but to no avail. I guess they hate me, or my recipe is that bad! Today I am tackling Cinnamon rolls...we'll see how that goes- yeast isn't my best friend.
They started our house! YAY- by now they have done the plumbing too- it's exciting!
p.s. My cousin had a b-day yesterday...she says it's no biggy- but she knows who she is so...b-day shout out!


Sabra said...


Laurice. said...

I am exactly the same way when it comes to cooking! No skills at all!

Aika said...

oooh... those are pretty... I'm craving cookies, so maybe I'll be on the baking buzz too.