Monday, August 18, 2008

Stephanie's B-day!

Normally I'd just do a shout out...but she's not doing a big b-day deal cuz we all forget how old she really is- wink. So...seeing as there's no sappy old lady card I figured I could get away with a blog. Steph is one of my best friends, and one of the first members of M'Adam's family that I got close to. We live near each other so we are able to hang out a lot, she's always there to hear my sob stories or laugh at my 'retard' moments. I appreciate her sisterhood and am really glad she married M'Adam's brother! It's funny how when you get married you find that you need the members of your spouse's family...and I needed her, she's such a fun spirit and a great support to all of us! I can't imagine our family without her dazzling smile...or the cheeseballs she makes...yum!

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Derrick and Laurice said...

It's so great that you have a sister in law that you are so close too. It makes joining a new family a lot easier!