Sunday, October 19, 2008

I got tagged!

My cousin tagged me! My task, 6 unique (it said weird- but I changed it) things about me- though I'm sure I could go on forever!

1- I love to hate smut tv. Normally someone would admit to being addicted and watch faithfully, or steer clear... me? Not so. I think they are so cheesy, like Paris Hilton's new quest to find a best friend... but, if I see it's on-I have to watch! (although I do dislike truley shows like TMZ or E! true hollywood)

2- I hate to clean the bathroom... cuz it's gross- and it hasn't quite dawned on me that IF I clean it... it won't be. (I am on strike right now by the way... cuz M'Adam makes the messes, so I'm waiting for him to take his turn cleaning) This is the same way I feel about the gas station. GROSS. I would rather fill up 1/2 way twice then stay the whole 10 minutes to fill up. I feel so dirty after going to the gas station... but we've been working on that- I've proudly filled up 4 times in a row!

3- I like to pretend I'm far away... by playing themed music and cooking themed food. I love home and all- but some days, Italy calls.

4- I love a challenge but rarely challenge myself. I feel I work my best under pressure, which stresses me out- I don't know how I manage to be a perfectionist and a procrastinator!

5- I think I can 'tell' what my body needs. For example, if I drink a soda... I can feel I didn't need it. Or I'll HAVE to have a piece of fruit, then feel much better after eating it. I won't eat the same thing in a short period of time most of the time... which makes leftovers hard... and I mentally can NOT eat beef or fish 2 nights in a row. Pregnancy has thrown this all out of whack by the way-me and my daily Kit Kat.

6- I can sing. Do most people know? Nope. I am totally shy of it nowadays- you can even ask M'Adam. All he's ever heard is goofy, make fun of people singing... and church(our ward doesn't only sing 20 songs, and I don't read music so nailing those are difficult and usually HIGH). I can belt it out in the shower and when no one is home- but can't seem to even sing along to a song next to another person without eventually starting to me goofy. Gee I can be insecure!

M'Adam has been feeling left out in the blog dept. so I'll 'tag' him and add his 6!

1- He openly likes smut tv, gossip radio-etc. If there is some scandal or bit of news about a celeb... he already knows. I've tried to get a scoop before him, only to call and he'll tell me. It's pretty funny.

2- We have a bad habit of talking like kids. And when I say we... I started it as a pouty thing-then he took it on and sometimes without knowing it one of us is talking like a 3 year old! It drives him crazy... but I've noticed that when I haven't all day- he will!

3- He's really a laid back guy- carefree, and lax about most things. Until you hit one of his particulars... like a messy car. It really makes his skin crawl. There are strict rules like no food... take out everything as soon as you get home (cab and trunk/bed) and the like. Poor guy married me... queen of eating in the car- which it kills him to compromise on... it makes for some long and funny road trips though, with all of our get and and eat pit stops.

4- He only likes the animals HE wants to like. Like this dog, or that mule...

5- He is a tenderheart, you might not realize that by looking at him though. I'll look over at him some days completely surprised to see my 6'2, 275 lb. muscle man almost in tears for some cutey reason like he wants to be a good daddy or he misses something- or here's the best example: we had a primary class of 9 yr. olds and our last day of teaching was the week before testimony meeting... the next week some of the kids bore their testimonies... the sweet simple kid ones- he was crying like a baby.

6- He claims to not like being in the bathroom. Won't do the majority of 'getting ready' in there... quick showers- ya know. BUT I had to put a clock in the toilet room so he'd see how long he stayed in there.

*- another we'd US thing... we have all this camping crap- and are always on the look out for more. Ask me how often we've GONE camping.

See? I told you I could go on forever!

P.S. no one ever told me I do ... WAY too much!


Anonymous said...

amen on cleaning the bathrooms! when we first moved into this house i didnt think they had done a good job of cleaning but i would NOT touch the bathrooms. lucky for me i married a man who is very unafraid of getting dirty so he cleaned them all for me.

Laurice. said...

Smut TV....Derrick and I are addicted. Pretty embarrassing but so true!