Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ticked off Tuesday

Again, Tuesday has come upon me. Nothing fabulous has really happened in the past couple days... I had a dr. appt.- no progress...I could be ticked (the nurse told me to do squats) and...that's really about it. M'Adam's sister Faith came into town so we played with her...ate some really good pie and had a bathroom incident. Hum. I'm glad it's getting cooler outside though- we worked in the garage today and started separating all our stuff to make it easier to move (our garage is the storage place for oh, like 7 different people!) I decided I may also start boxing up my kitchen and office stuff that doesn't get used too often as well. I could be ticked about that. Oh- our house is coming along nicely...they are up to the pre-drywall phase! It looks like a house! I've already got lots of plans for the decor, backyard layout and porch looks I want to go for...which I'm sure will take me a year or two to complete. I could be ticked I'm not ridiculously wealthy. But, I'm actually not too big of a beast the past few days...sorry ticked off Tuesday- I don't feel like ranting! (which I gues is ok cuz Joan didn't either!)


Laurice. said...

You should post pictures of the progress on your house. If you need help moving and getting the house ready to move in before the baby comes or maybe after let me know I am always looking for a great reason to why I have to go home;)We also are coming home for Thanksgiving and need to get together.

Aika said...

Yeah for the house! That's some exciting news! I'm also ticked off because I'm not ridiculously wealthy too, oh wait, I can't be ticked off because it's a Wednesday. SHOOT! :)

faith celeste said...

Ok, so what happened to terrific Tuesday? I need to note that the bathroom incident was not me. Also, thanks for letting us stay, we had fun. Your house will be gorgeous. I told you how to dialate faster, so get busy. I demand terrific Tuesday dangit!