Sunday, October 26, 2008

Laydee and the new house

Disclaimer: This is M'Adams first attempt at blogging.
Laydee in her livingroom. Check out that belly...
Yeah drywall!
Yeah stucco!

Yeah foam!

Yeah wood!
Yesterday we went to the hospital on a false alarm water breakage. Three hours in triage while the nurse checks everything out is not my idea of an ideal saturday but it's better to be safe than sorry right? I just wanted to give a shout out the person (I'm sure it was a man) who decided to put cable T.V. in all the hospital rooms. God bless you. I don't know how they did it back in the day. My poor father had six kids! Can you imagine the countless boring hours waiting and waiting and waiting six times! Props to my Dad. (Mom too. She did all the work I guess). Oh and poor Laydee. She had to lay perfectly still while they monitored contractions and the boy's heartbeat. Her belly was itching really bad and someone was way too into his football game to really pay attention. Maybe the T.V. thing isn't such a great idea. It's debatable.
We've started working inside of the Mesa Temple. We're changing all the dryers, boilers, water softeners and gas & steam lines. It's really weird to be in there in plain 'ol work clothes while all the workers and patrons are in white. I get some strange looks walking in from people outside in there sunday best waiting for weddings, baptism or whatever. Temple goers are funny about parking too. We have a section of parking lot coned off so we can park work trucks, trailers and forklifts and if we turn our backs for a minute, some woman or old man or whoever, will move a cone and park their minivan right in the middle of us. Yo! WWJD?


Laurice. said...

Wished we had Cable when I had Camden....Spanish T.V. was a bummer! I am still floored that someone would move the cones!

Anonymous said...

yay adam is blogging! congrats on the baby he is beautiful!!! but funny blog my friend. keep it up.