Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the band wagon...

Several of my cousins decided to do a 'top ten' childhood memories today... and since I don't want to be left out... :)

1-playing 'BEAT' with my dad...which always resulted in getting the 'jackhammer' which pretty much meant getting tickled til we almost peed our pants...we finally beat him one day in highschool...he didn't play with us after that...

2-my parents making like 5 different things for dinner...spagetti, which my sister hated, chicken something...breakfast for dinner (eggs in a hole), saurkraut- like 2ce a year...but still- yuck, and of course frito supper...which meant a picnic in the living room! I don't remember eating much else.

3-family living with us... some good times, some not so fun. Sabra made lots of cookies and made us feel cool-dancing around the house, Kathleen helped us make TV shows talking upside-down with faces drawn on our chins, and my aunt Kim, who had my 2 cousins-full house!

4-pretending to be some daily- and occasionally in the mud.

5-breaking my nose.

6-having MAROON crushed velvet airwalks...I was so cool, they were the envy of 5th grade.

7-getting to go with my best friend and our moms to get school clothes in San Deigo until jr. high- that was so fun! we didn't go to the same school, but we always ended up with a few matching outfits... just cuz.

8-my little sister STEALING half my blankie...and the maid throwing my half away. (beast)

9-getting stuck on the porch one night that my mom threatened Brit and I if we didn't stop talking we'd be outside...and we were! we shared a large room, and for some reason didn't like to use it to sleep! (we were let back in 5 min later by the way!)

10-getting to go to the beach every summer...and every summer came with Brit's declaration of "I'M NOT GONNA GO TO THA BEACH!"- but we did, and we always had fun getting sand everywhere and boogie boarding WAY out there...which was only waist high!


Sabra said...

Eggs in a hole?! Your mother called them Bullets! You know that!

"I'm not gonna go to the beach" is a classic Britney! Like she was going to make us suffer by her not going.

I loved watching your dad play Beat with you girls. It warmed my heart. My dad played his own version of Beat, and it always ended in tears!

I love most that I share all of these memories with you!

I think I'll add Frito Supper to my menu for next week. Picnic style.

Laurice. said...

Great memories! I can see the 5th grade now with you and your new shoes.

faith celeste said...

I love to remember the good ol' days. Fun!