Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, two of my little sisters are in town- so we've been playing...though I'm kind of boring right now!

It was General Conference this weekend...and wow, they were talking to me about a lot of things...I have always had a love for those men, and it makes it easier to do what I need to do at their request (for like 2 weeks). I was thinking this weekend about how we are kind of seeing the BOM stories in action lately. God gives a land of promise to our Forefathers, they establish righteousness, and the gospel is restored...our faith is tested, and tested...we do well and many become a pride seeking people who forget gratitude and the hand of the Lord in their lives. We all know what comes next. HUMBLING. If anyone can describe our current situation as anything less, let me know. But I like that one Authority spoke of the latter days not being to fear and tremble but to be believing. If we are prepared (or preparing) we will be blessed and though the path may be rough, our reward beyond the veil will outweigh ANYTHING we undergo on this earth. Good to kn0w, but hard to remember somehow. They also spoke a little on change, and not letting the stresses of life get to you, and being meek (my challenges)...and armed with my strengthened testimony, I think I can do it!

(We've kept up on our goals we made for the 100% challenge so far...I hope we can get to the temple soon...and I'm not sure if I should fast-anyone?-nonetheless we are doing better at it than ever before!)

I'm really excited because the last book of my Great and Terrible series came out early and I was able to snag one- I'm already well into it!

M'Adam volunteered to home teach some inmates at a prison near town... I'll try to get him to blog about his experience as he describes it so well!

AND- I had a Dr. appt. yesterday...and would you know it...the count down begins! I've started 'dialating'- yeah!(But now for sure can't travel- and we have some exciting family things going on-My oldest little sister gets married not this weekend but next!)


Just Joan said...

speaking of your sis getting married...how can I get a hold of her...number??? let me know.

Laurice. said...

Wasn’t conference so good. About the fasting thing I was told that when you are pregnant you don't have to fast it's up to you. Tell m'adam I want to hear that story and am so proud of him.